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Shigefusa Iizuka Deba Hocyo 150mm

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The best quality! Shigefusa Hocho
Shigefusa Iizuka( 飯塚 重房 )
Shigefusa Iizuka Deba Hocho 150mm
Full Length: 280 mm
Blade Length: 150 mm
Thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 195 g
Producing Area:Sanjo, Niigata
Blacksmith:Shigefusa Iizuka
Cladded Steel:Shigefusa Secret Soft Iron
Steel:Shigefusa Secret Vintage Carbon
Handle:Ho Wood
Bevel:Single Bevel

Shigefusa Iiduka

Born in 1939(showa 14)

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Swordsmith Munenori Nagashima and Shigeyoshi Iwasaki.

Shigefusa Iiduka studied under them. His skill is absolutely great. He already had a high reputation as a master of Hocho when he was 30s. Now, he is 79years old. No one surpasses him in Hocho. “I can't use other hocho if I have used Shigefusa hocho”…top-ranking chefs said so.

He has two sons; Masayuki and Yoshihide. They also grew up as good blacksmith, it looks like their skill surpass their father Shigeyoshi.

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    Weight 195 g
    Dimensions 280 x 150 x 7 mm