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Swordsmith・Shigemitsu Ito Tamahagane Santoku 160㎜・Double Bevel S-11

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Tamahagane Santoku from the Swordsmith!
( Shigemitsu Ito )
Full Length:about 300 mm
Blade Length:about 160 mm
Thickness:about 2 mm
Weight:about 130 g
Swordsmith:Shigemitsu Ito
Handle:Shitan・black plywood
Sheath:Ho with brown coating

Shigemitsu Itou

Born in 1953 (Shōwa 28)

He studying under swordsmith, Shohei Miyairi (living national treasure) and swordsmith, Sadakichi Enomoto.

In 1979, He become a swordsmith of the Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization.

In 1980, independent. He found a forging place. He is selected for the same year, a new work celebrated sword exhibition.

In 2012, Winning new work celebrated sword exhibition accessit. Others, a winning majority. Receive a request from Sumo-yokozuna(champion), Kisenosato; was a making a sword with a Sumo-yokozuna(champion) sword. School of sword is” Sousyu-den”.


Swordsmith Shigemitsu Ito is the Master of Tatara which builds the ancient iron manufacture (small Tatara) by himself and continues challenging production of the Tamahagane(Wakou) many times. His natural talent and flash as the swordsmith succeeded to get out high quality 鉧 (Kera) .This is known to those in the know. His work was made by the steel Tamahagane(Wakou)which he tempered and forged by himself. It is arouse the taste of the old Japanese sword of Kamakura period. And it has a reputation as a beautiful ground(jihada).

This work is a Santoku-hocyo of the wild grind. The sword polisher of swords of my acquaintance possessed it. The Blade Sharpener of the 藤(Tou) group used the Toukenn-utigumori stone,and Kyoto-Natural stone like a Sword Sharpner.