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Swordsmith・Shigemitsu Ito Tamahagane Santoku 160㎜・Double Bevel S‐5

※The price depends on the hitting skin and sumiiri(墨入り) about this Tamahagane works of Shigemitsu.

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Tamahagane Santoku from the Swordsmith!
( Shigemitsu Ito )
Full Length:about 308 mm
Blade Length:about 160 mm
Thickness:about 2 mm
Weight:about 127 g
Cladded Steel:Tamahagan
Handle:Shitan・black plywood
Sheath:Hou with brown coating

Shigemitsu Itou

Born in 1953 (Shōwa 28)

He studying under swordsmith, Shohei Miyairi (living national treasure) and swordsmith, Sadakichi Enomoto.

In 1979, He become a swordsmith of the Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization.

In 1980, independent. He found a forging place. He is selected for the same year, a new work celebrated sword exhibition.

In 2012, Winning new work celebrated sword exhibition accessit. Others, a winning majority. Receive a request from Sumo-yokozuna(champion), Kisenosato; was a making a sword with a Sumo-yokozuna(champion) sword. School of sword is” Sousyu-den”.

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