Japanese Cutlery Pro Store | Tamahagane, Kitchen knife, Sword, etc
Japanese Cutlery Pro Store | Tamahagane, Kitchen knife, Sword, etc

International shipping

International shipping available

We ship outside of Japan, please follow [Guidelines] and read [Notice] below.



We use Japan post EMS (Express Mail Service) for all international orders.
The item(s) will be shipped after full payment is confirmed.

How to order

Please email us from the contact page.
Please understand that we charge 8% as Paypal fee and insurance instead of Tax, even if you are living outside Japan.

Order Template

Please follow this template when emailing us your order.

①The part number of products:
②Web site URL of products: https://
③Size:  mm
④No. of items:
⑤Name (English):
⑥Address (English):
(Please don’t forget name of country and postal code)
⑦Phone Number:
⑧Email address:
Please write down if you have any question.
※Before proceeding with your order, please read and accept our international shipping terms and conditions.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are 3000 JPY for one product, 4500 JPY for two products, 6000 JPY for three products, 7500 JPY for four products, 10000 JPY for five products…
Does not include heavy items such as Maguro (Tsuna) knives or whetstones.
※customs duties should be at customer’s expense.
※Shipping cost discount is only to for deliveries within Japan.


We will send an invoice via Paypal after receiving an order from you.
If payment is not received within 5 days, we require you to reorder.


We accept payment through Paypal only.
The Paypal exchange rate fluctuates daily. It is 2-4% more than the usual exchange rate.
Please confirm the final price from the invoice.


After we receive your payment, we will ship the products out as soon as possible. We will send an email with the tracking number after shipment is sent.

About overseas shipment instructions

Regulation may be established to a product of the handling by each country in our store.
We do not grasp the circumstances at all in our store. About the regulation contents of a country becoming the use beforehand, We hope that I have you confirm it in own.
When it is the worst, by an import ban, there is the case becoming put under ban of use after the disposal, return or import. Even in such a case because you return a product in us and cannot refund it, please warn you enough.

The instruction manuals do not attach in principle it to a product of our store.
When you use it locally, please use it after enough understanding about characteristics of the Japanese kitchen.
For the packing of the product for foreign countries, I do special attention as our store,
However, there is the case that the loss of an accident and products such as the damage
that I am rarely transporting produces.

We demand an investigation request and the compensation from a post office or the transportation company as soon as there was the proposal from a visitor.
However, investigation and compensation the baggage for foreign countries usually takes considerable long time.
About the shipment of the makeshift, we cannot perform it until there is the approval from a post office or the transportation company. But, we guess the most of customer can’t wait it for long time.
In this case, I have an order again the first of all although being really selfish, and it is with the re-shipment of the product. Please approve it because it becomes a procedure to refund a visitor for compensation as soon as the compensation is admitted.