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Privacy policy for personal information

About personal information handling policy

Japanese Cutlery Pro Store (hereinafter referred to as “JCPS”) stipulate the purpose of use of the personal information as follows;

1.About collection of personal information

On this web site, personal information such as name, contacts, and any identifiable information are collected from inquiry form.

2. About use of personal information

On this web site, the information collected are only used to answer the inquiry and question.

3.About providing of personal information

Personal information acquired on this site will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without obtaining consent from the person who provided, unless it is stipulated by laws and regulations.

4. About protection of personal information

“JCPS” safely keeps the information collected and accumulated under strict control and protection which prevents any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage. Association take appropriate security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus, and more.

5. About handling personal information

When this web site changes the policy on handling of personal information, “JCPS” will post the changed details on this website to show updated policy to protect personal information.

6. About disclosure of personal information

We will promptly respond to the reasonable extent of request to disclose personal information after identification confirmation of the user is verified. In regard to any correction on information, please contact us. For disclosure, there may incur extra fees.

7. inquiry on personal information

Please contact us about our policy on handling personal information.

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As of October 14, 2018
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