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Kitae Matsumoto Iwasaki Kojitetsu 「Tsugarukoden-kennata」 255㎜・Double Bevel 藤(Tou)


“The Nata(hatchet) of the study” of the Swordsmith Shigeyoshi Iwasaki that Heiji Nakaya hit this product before…

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Master craftsman of Tosa
The skill of the maturity that Kitae Matusmoto forged!
Kitae Matsumoto Iwasaki Kojitetsu 「Tsugarukoden-kennata」255㎜・Double Bevel 藤(Tou)
Full Length: 455 mm
Blade Length: 255 mm
Thickness: 6.5 mm
Weight: 424 g
Producing Area:Tosa
Blacksmith:Matsumoto Kitae
Cladded Steel:Iwasaki Kojitetsu
Steel:Blue #2
Handle:wild cherry tree

Kitae Matsumoto

Born in 1934 (Shōwa 9)

He is the second generation blacksmith who lives in Tosa.

He was awarded the Kouchi goveror’s Prize at the Tosa knives Contest.

He has a level-one certified technician of a forginig.and a traditional craftsmen.

He is a great blacksmith Tosa forginig world.


"The Nata(hatchet) of the study" of the Swordsmith Shigeyoshi Iwasaki that Heiji Nakaya hit this product before.

When Nakaya was the outside disciple of swordsmith, the Shigeyoshi old man, with a word of the Shigeyoshi old man who told me whether "you would support Nakaya somehow", "Munemasa-kikaku(plan)" moved.

The reference product is a Yamagatana(Woodmans hatchet) of Iwasaki and The traditional sword hatchet which comes to Tsugaru.

It "is the hatchet of the Iwasaki study" that I write a drawing, and this was produced by the cause.

It was the first of a study created for ascetic practices of Nakaya.

However, I received communication last year when "I already stopped the making of Nata(hatchet)" from Nakaya.

It did not depend on advanced age and seemed to feel a limit in physical strength.

There wasthe hope from a conventional visitor, too and it varied and, for "Nata(hatchet )reproduction of the study", acted as Nata(hatchet) Kaji(Blacksmith), but has not forging Kojitetu(Old ground iron). Or I say that a lot of failure is difficult.

I was relieved for an answer of Kitae-Mtusumoto "which forging against Kojitetsu (old ground iron) in old days" alone in that.

From such a thing, I send a drawing to Matsumoto and recruit the training materials that Iwasaki old man prepared for Kojitetsu( old ground iron ) work in the old days, and it is this work that was born after one year.

It was superior to Nakaya, or the skill of Kaji(forging) was completed in an abundant harvest not to be inferior to. However, the price is cheaper than Nakaya.

藤(Tou) polish it and I polish the extra special using the Touken-utigumori whetstone for Kyoto nature whetstone and swords and seem to finish the finish.

I think that you are satisfied.

Additional information

Weight 424 g
Dimensions 455 × 255 × 6.5 mm