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Nidai-honnjyouji Hunting Osirakawa 180mm Double Bevel Custom Collabo


Matagi(Japanese traditional hunter) which construction unique hunting culture for several hundred years…

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Revival! The knife which was inherited in Oshirakawa Matagi!
Nidai-honnjyouji Hunting Osirakawa 180mm
Double Bevel Custom Collabo
Full Length: 295 mm
Blade Length: 180 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 229 g
Producing Area:Sanjyou
Blacksmith:The 2nd HONJYOJI
Cladded Steel:Softlron
Steel:Blue #2
Sheath:Full Handsewn Leather
Hilt and Butt Cap:Brass

2nd Honjyouji

Born in 1967 (Shōwa 42)

二代目本成寺(三条守弘) 昭和42年生まれ。






Matagi(Japanese traditional hunter) which construction unique hunting culture for several hundred years.

With Ani of Akita and Hata of Shimokita district, it is dotted even now around the Tohoku district.

The old-fashioned hunting form is handed down as traditional culture and continues growing.

It is Oshirakawa of the Kitauonuma group of Niigata not to be known unexpectedly in such Matagi (Japanese traditional hunter).village.

It is located in the middle of Uonums, and Oshirakawa has Echigo Mountains linking a steep, rugged mountain range in the rear immediately. As a district deep in the mountain, a bear and antelopes inhabited abundantly from old days and, over the around Oshirakawa wide area, had many Kura (hunting ground). It is trip to Akita Matagi (Japanese traditional hunter). to have had its eyes on it quickly.

According to "Hokuetsu seppu ,"(Old documents of the Hokuetsu district)

When "it is the early spring when it stops snowing, the hunter (trip Matagi of Ani) of the Dewa area crosses 5-7 people companion and is with 3-4 fierce dogs, and it is said that He do the point one goes over a mountain with rice, salt, a pan and came over to the hunting bears to the mountain of Echigo".

v"They catch the bear which stayed in the hole with a javelin, a mountain hatchet, a gun in the heavy winter clothing which They made with the skin of beast from the point of the head to the point of the foot-proof"…. Because I got hearing to support such a background, I introduce a part.

It is a family of Matagi, and, according to active aged person Matagi of Oshirakawa, Yosimaru Asai (80 years old) and Gisuke Asai (74 years old), it is said all that I am with primary school graduation by father and entered the mountain from generation to generation.

I in the days of a child "liked going to the mountain very much". Even if 40 kilometers a day runs around in a mountain; unconcern . We were brought up on the mountain. He brighten eyes. When "I run after a bear, about the hunting bears, it becomes pure white in the head". And I think about only the thing of the bear. If a bear does not have it, as for the hunting bears, the bear is not produced. I come to know where a bear ran away to if it does not become the feeling same as a bear. He laugh without , worry

And their ancestors are trip Matagi which came from the Ani district of Akita and when it is a Sarumaru style, the style manners of the hunting say and open secret rolled drapery.

Then I wished when I wanted to watch a hunting sword. He showed a knife of Kizaya-kosirae(Tree sheath imitate) what similar to three people. In this ground the winter a bear and is hunting in a rabbit and mountain birds. He chase a Ugui(char) and a dace in the summer in a river.

It is the most useful for KebokaI (the dismantling of the beast) and Sabaki(Fish Demolition) of the fish, hand work.

Besides, He smile at carrying with security proudly.

It is Western-style, and the hardy artless tree sheath knife coming to this Oshirakawa is arranged by Munemasa plan.

It was named 《 2s Nidaihonjyouji "Oshirakawa" knife 180mm 》, and it was launched by a master of forging of Sanjyou, the hand of the 2s Nidaihonjyouji.

The hardy structure that a master hit Forging soft steel against Yasugi steel blue 2# as for the blade and did.

What you should mention specially is a handle of a highest Tettouboku(Iron wood) which selected carefully.

Hand processing is added carefully; on earth is Full tang method of the structure to pattern buttocks.

A famous custom knife maker was in charge of brasshilt which burnt in a gold color and the good-quality oxhide hand sewing sheath; is custom-made. There is not it in tough without compromising, and falling out.

It is tough without compromising, and falling out. and is extreme in". It right deserve to be you if I call it with "the matchless almighty knife" which it lasts for several hundred years, and this delicate work letting you feel strength inside is polished up, and was trained well.

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Weight 229 g
Dimensions 295 × 180 × 6 mm