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Yoshihiko Akitomo Damascus Hunting 195mm Double Bevel Custom Collabo

This work is  hunting knife which reproduced the discovered hunting Kennata in…

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Collaboration of splendid Damascus that was full of Japanese-Western style fusion!
Yoshihiko AKITOMO( 秋友 義彦 )
Damascus Hunting 195mm Double Bevel Custom Collabo
Full Length: 328 mm
Blade Length: 195 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 452 g
Producing Area:Tosa
Blacksmith:Yoshihiko Akitomo
Cladded Steel:Softlron
Steel:white #2
Handle:Ironwood ※Custom knife maker made
Sheath:Full Handsewn Leather  ※Custom knife maker made
Hilt and Butt Cap:Brass ※Custom knife maker made

Yoshihiko Akitomo

Born in 1944 (Shōwa 19)

Tosa, residence.

He study under Yoshimitsu with graduation at a junior high school for the second generation.1964 independence.

In the same year, He assume Master's name of Yoshihiko as a successor for the third generation

He visits the swordsmith of the Shikoku district,And acquire Tanpou of the Japanese sword, a secret of Koubuse.He is one of the men of influence of the Tosa forging world.

However, from May, 2018, on the delivery date, It becomes not yet decided it for advanced age.


This is the hunting knife which reproduced the discovered ancient hunting kennata(剣鉈) in village of Matagi;Sawauchi in Iwate prefecture. it was called “Sasuga”.

This knife is arrange in contamporary style. It 's easy to use more,but there is the something I can feel “old-fashion style”“ancient”on the knife.

This blade is Hontanren tradition forging which beat the sandwich soft iron to Hitachi Yasuki-steel white #2.

The handle is a highest ironwood, the hilt is brass. They were processed by hands.

This blade is wide. It reminds me of 同田貫(Doutanuki). You will be able to cut one branch which size is like thumb.

Special mention: High level sharpening by Tou(藤)group's sharpener with natural stone. This knife is FullTang style. It's tough without breaking and falling out.

This knife is filled up with good point of Japanese style and Western style. It is drawn to their maximum.

This work will be not only new arrival but also the last product. Because, blacksmith; Yoshihiko Akiotmo is not well conditioned, so the delivery date is unknown.

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Weight452 g
Dimensions328 x 195 x 6 mm