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藤(Tou) Yoshihiko Akitomo Damascus Midare-montan Kirituke240㎜・Double bevel(A)


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Full Length:about 400 mm
Blade Length:about 240 mm
Thickness:about 3.4 mm
Weight:about 240 g
Producing Area:Kochi
Blacksmith:Yoshihiko Akitomo
Cladded Steel:Damascus
Sharpening:High level polishing using Uchigumori by 藤(Tou) group.
Handle:Shitan・Black plywood

Yoshihiko Akitomo

Born in 1944 (Shōwa 19)

Tosa, residence.

He study under Yoshimitsu with graduation at a junior high school for the second generation.1964 independence.

In the same year, He assume Master's name of Yoshihiko as a successor for the third generation

He visits the swordsmith of the Shikoku district,And acquire Tanpou of the Japanese sword, a secret of Koubuse.He is one of the men of influence of the Tosa forging world.

However, from May, 2018, on the delivery date, It becomes not yet decided it for advanced age.


甲伏(Koubuse) is the one of Japanese sword manufacturing method.

No crack, no bend and cut well...this is the characteristics of 甲伏(Koubuse).

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