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Mukansa Swordsmith Tsutomu So  Osoraku-zukuri

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The first person of Kiyomaro Minamoto replica,
a well-made work of Tsutomu So!
Mukansa Swordsmith; SO Tsutomu( 無鑑査刀匠・宗 勉 )
Wakizashi Osoraku-zukuri Mukansa Swordsmith Tsutomu So
Blade Length:about 340 mm
Weight:about 450(本体) g
Curve: 5 mm
Width Of a Sword Blade: 27 mm
Thick Layers: 6 mm
Swordsmith:Mukansa Swordsmith; SO Tsutomu
Habajk:Twofold Gold
Sheath:Park Tree
Registration Number:Fukuoka 64154
Issuance Date:May 1973

Tsutomu So

Born in 1927 (Shōwa 2)

In 1927, it was born in Fukuoka. In 1945, I study under father, Tadashi So light.

In 1955, I become Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization swordsmith. The same year, independence.

In 1968, I win prize for encouragement by a new work celebrated sword exhibition.

In 1978, I win prize for encouragement in 1980.

In 1981, I win Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Prize.

In 1983, I win Mainichi Shimbun prize.In 1987, I win Kunzan prize.

In 1989, I win Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Prize.

In 1990, I win Takamatunomiya Prize.

He win a grand prize consecutively afterward and, In 1997, authorize without audition.

The swordsmith who He collect living national treasure and public attention in the next term, and represents modern swordsmith world.

In 2015, I die. 88 years old.


The without audition swordsmith who is the top of the swordsmith.

He have a good reputation as a high-ranking without audition swordsmith in that.

Tsutomu So who collected next living national treasure and public attention.

It is famous as the beautiful swordsmith who investigated the true sharpness that is the origin of the Japanese sword inside.

I hear the best sharpness for Jikisinnksgeryu17dai-souke(an earnest mind shadow style 17s head family), Rev. Hiromitsu Akiyoshi and long time, a long term when made an effort for the making a sword of the request Japanese sword. And an unsheathed sword is earnest and is the one of the swordsmith whom "samurai Kaoru Machii of the Heisei" considered to be the first person of the test of recommends it to.

Because it is not the expert of the sword, I do not understand the difficult thing. However, including the work of the without audition swordsmith, I think it to be the first masterpiece in "Osoraku-zukuri" that I looked so far.

Even if the balance dressed in the sword is good and looks at clearness, strength, work, wherever, the elegant fragrance appropriate for the name of the expert drifts