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Swordsmith・Shigeyoshi Iwasakai Tamahagane kamisori Nicyougake(Large)

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Very rare! Tamahagane Kamisori by Shigeyoshi Iwasakai!!
( Shigeyoshi Iwasaki )
Swordsmith・Shigeyoshi Iwasaki
Tamahagane Kamisori Nicyogake(Large)
Full Length:about 176 mm
Blade Length:about 60 mm
Thickness:about 5.8 mm
Weight:about 63 g
Swordsmith:Shigeyoshi Iwasaki
Cladded Steel:Soft Iron

Shigeyoshi Iwasaki

Born in 1933 (Shōwa 8)

He is a swordsmith, and also he is a leading figure in Echigo style forging.

He has specialized knowledge a lots.

He investigated about the knives and swords in Syosoin,Nara.

He had been sent abroad for teaching of forging technic.


Swordsmith Shigeyoshi Iwasaki pursues great sharpness.

He left many great works, and he also raised many great disciples.

Now, he is a leading figure in the domain of Japanese forging knife.

This is the greatest his work “Japanese kamisori”.

Swordsmith・Kousuke Iwasaki succeed to make the best Kamisori using Tamahagane which is the raw material of Japanese sword in 1954.

His razor is so sharp it made people so surprised.

For example…,

A barber in Toyama shaved 1,707 person after he sharpened only once.

A barber in Fukuoka did not need to sharpen for 3 years and 3months.

The great kamisori was inherited to his son,Shigeyoshi.

Now, Shigeyoshi has a backlog of orders...it's about more than 1,000.