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Tamahagane Yarikana Swordsmith Sigetosi Satou No.2 (Small)

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Swordsmith, Shigetoshi Sato who is famous in Battou-swod…

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It is reputation in Battousinken.
The small work of the Yarikanna(spear plane) which Shigetoshi gives it!
Swordsmith; Shigetoshi SatoAkitomo( 刀匠・佐藤 重利 )
Tamahagane Yarikana Swordsmith Sigetosi Satou No.2 (Small)
Full Length: 204 mm
Blade Length: 110 mm
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Weight: 46 g
Producing Area:Hatiouji
Swordsmith:Sigetoshi Satou
Steel:Tamahagane and Edo period kojitetu
Handle:Edo period kojitetu
Sheath:Kiri box

Shigetoshi Satou

Born in 1944 (Shōwa 19)

He was charmed by a forging knife and study under swordsmith, Shigeyoshi Iwasaki of Echigo to 38 years old.

In 1992, He become Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization swordsmith. He work hard at the making a bttou-sword in a Hachioji training place.


Swordsmith, Shigetoshi Sato who is famous in Battou-swod.

I recognize him as the swordsmith who. continue investigating a blade which cuts really well. He become able to be understood and see in the sharpness that he study under master craftsman of Echigo, Shigeyoshi Iwasaki, and was supported by metallography, metallurgy, forging heat-treatment, a metal organization microscope.

The study era, Fortunately, with a swordsmith, the favor of the Munenori Nagashima old man declared with a master craftsman of the Showa, He touch the essence of the Japanese sword. This product is an ancient Yari-kanna(plane) of swordsmith, Shigetoshi. The origin of the Yari-kanna(plane) dates back to the ancient times.

It is polished stone ware excavated now in the Remains of Iwajuku of the Kanto loam layer approximately 3,000 years ago.(the scientific mark proved)

By the way, for 1,946 years, a detector is Tadahiro Aizawa of the private archeologist. It is the person who devoted life to an archeology study, excavation while peddling the natto. The achievement makes the world's oldest discovery and is to have proved existence of the Old Stone Age(Abbevillian) in the Japanese Islands. The shape is like "Dokosyo" which sharpened the tip of both ends.

In the case of Horyu-ji Temple erection, It resemble the spear plane which made an outstanding performance about 1,400 years ago.

Swordsmith, Shigetoshi product, Kodai Tamahagane Yari-kanna( ancient spear plane )- - - -. In spite of being a short piece, He make it flowing elegant and seem to condense all delicate skill that I let you feel strength inside, and Shigetoshi can have.

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Weight 46 g
Dimensions 204 × 4.5 × 110 mm