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Shigeru Tozaki (2)Little・Crow Folder

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Full Length:about 133 mm
Blade Length:about 55 mm
Thickness:about 2 mm
Weight:about 50 g
Steel:stainless special steel(440C)
Handle:remaked black born, feather, ingrave, root of handle: 18K
Sheath:handmade case by Yuko Tozaki
Bolster:Tsuchime tagane carving, pin: nickel silver

Shigeru Tozaki

Born in 1947 (Shōwa 22)

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Henry・Frank had been my friend for long time. He was really famous custom knife maker.

“Why he was known as a great knife maker?”

Because, he was not only the best of the best as knife make, but also an engraver.( And also! he was a great designer as well!)

He had 3 great faces like that.

Shigeru Tozaki is a famous custom knife maker in Japan.

He used to be an excellent graphic designer. He has really good balance in sense of beauty, it's splendid.

I feel like Shigeru Tozaki can be a great knife maker like Henry・Frank in future.

He got many awards in famous knife show like Seki outdoor knife show.

He will be able to be like Henry・Frank. I think he has such the possibilty at least.

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