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Swordsmith・TAKEHANA IKKANSAI Shigehisa Tamahagane Kanmuriotoshi Unokubi-zukuri 180㎜

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The earth iron is the essence of the Japanese sword
and it is the world of bamboo blossom which is put into the burning blade
Swordsmith; TAKEHANA IKKANSAI Shigehisa( 刀匠・竹花 一貫斎 繁久 )
Tamahagane Unokubi-zukuri 180mm
Full Length: 300 mm
Blade Length: 180 mm
Thickness: 6.3 mm
Weight: 290 g
Swordsmith:Takehana ikkansai Shigehisa
Sheath:Full HandSewn Leather Sheath
Bolster:Bad cap

Sigehisa Takehanaikkansai

Born in 1949 (Shōwa 24)

Born in 1949. He became a pupil of Shigemasa Sakaiikansai (swordsmith) in 1971. He became a swordsmith in 1977. He was independent in 1978. He opened his own forging place in 1983. He was awarded his first prize and 努力賞 (the effort award) at 新作名刀展. He had been a chief Director and vice branch manager of Kanto area in All Japan Swordsmith Association.
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Weight 290 g
Dimensions 300 × 180 × 6.3 mm